About penccil

In 2012, designer Mario Gagliardi had enough of established portfolio sites. Mario did not want his own portfolio to be on a commercial portfolio site full of ads and spying on its users, but also not on an insular website nobody finds.

So he designed the kind of platform he wanted to see his own projects on: straightforward to use and respecting privacy. He called it penccil, in reverence to the most fundamental tool enabling creativity.

penccil is made to bring creative people together and to make creative expression accessible to all. Therefore we charge no fees, place no cookies, run no syndicated ads, and refuse user tracking.

Until today, penccil is still the only major platform for creative people without user tracking.

Testing 6 major platforms for creative people with Ghostery, an app to detect tracking software, only penccil comes out tracker-free. The results:
penccil: Zero trackers
behance: 4 trackers
artstation: 7 trackers
deviantart: 4 trackers
dribbble: 8 trackers
ello: 10 trackers

Why you should care about user tracking:
The Guardian

penccil was designed and developed by Mario Gagliardi Design.